Word Study For Today: The Book of Psalm Chapter 1
Text: Exodus 13:11-16 | Matthew 22:34-40 | Matthew 6:25-34.

This is the very first day of this year. And going by the principle of ‘first’… this isn’t a day to joke with. ‘First things first’ is a phrase that has been around for so long, and it connotes setting our priorities right, putting what ought to be first in the first place position. Without any gainsaying, God is the most important, the most supreme, and the most high personality anywhere in existence. Therefore whatever is first also belongs to Him, – the One Who is first. The first also stands as a redeemer to the remainder.

Matthew 22:37&38, makes us realize the first and the greatest of all commandment is to love God. Matthew 6:33, says seek God’s kingdom first.

Putting God first cannot be overemphasized.

Going by the foregoing, today being the first day of this brand new year, it’s a day to put God first above all else that others will be engaging in today. Showering your love on Him by giving Him priority attention this first day is a golden decision. This is a day to consecrate oneself to God; a day to soak God in, a day to spread out in His presence. Starting your year with God, avails you the privilege of God redeeming the remaining days of this year for you. It’s therefore expedient that today, spend much more quality time with Him. As you do, today shall be a most defining moment for the rest of the days in the new year.

Once again Happy New Year!

Prayer Action:
*Worship God in songs that express His Supremacy.
*Pray in the Spirit for 15minutes.
*Thank God for the privilege of access into a brand new year.
*Ask Him for cleansing and forgiveness of whatever error you might have allowed in your life.
*From your heart make your stand and positioning of God in your life known unto Him. Commit to putting Him first as matter of principle and not lip service.
*Commit your ways unto Him in this new year; ask Him to lead and guide you into His perfect will.
*Thank Him for the assurance that the rest of this year is preserved by Him.