Word study: Ecclesiastes 11:1-10
Devotion: DWELL IN GOD
Text: Psalms 91:1-8. | Psalms 3:19 -20. | Psalms 90:1-3.

The best dwelling place there ever can be or that we can ever have is not a location but a person and personality. And by that I mean God! Yes beloved! God, our Heavenly Father is our secured dwelling place and in Him lies our safety. Psalm.31:20 says He will hide us in the secret place of His presence and from the plots of man; He will  keep us secretly in a pavilion from the strife of tongues.” Awesome!

Dwelling in God is great treasure. We have a guarantee of being kept secretly in His pavilion far away from the strife of the tongues of men. What a place to be. Psalms 27:5 & 32:7 both confirms that in the time of trouble He will hide us hence we are kept away from trouble

Without doubt, these are perilous times. It is no longer news. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the end time has come.  The Scripture records that in the end time, there is bound to be diverse atrocities going on all around the world. There is no exemption in any geographical location to all of these imminent troubles and tragedies except of course the secret place of God’s pavilion. We are only safe in His dwelling from both physical and spiritual calamities.

Resolve therefore to abide in the shadow of the Almighty by dwelling permanently in His secret place. Make God your refuge, put your trust in Him being fully persuaded that He will never fail.

Prayer Action:

* Lavishly worship the God of the Secret Place.

*Pray in the language of His dwelling for 15 minutes.

*Bless God for the access you have unto Him and His dwelling place.

*Thank Him for His acceptance of You and the protection, defense, back up, safety and all that attends those whom He has allowed in His pavilion.

*Commit yourself unto Him, thrusting yourself into an abandonment in His Hands.

*Take Advantage of being a dweller of His Presence, unburden your heart to Him[whatsoever and wheresoever you need His intervention, leading, wisdom etc commit to Him].