Word Study for Today: The Book of Psalm Chapter 5
Text: Isa.40:28-31. | Lk24:49-53. Acts1:4-8.
The exploits of life under God can never be successfully achieved by human strength. Human ability can only carry a man so far; but further more, it will always require strength as from God (power as Him alone possess). You cannot run His race with the power of the ‘horse’, but you run His race in His own strength.
The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mentality does not impact on the things of the spirit; you only run without being weary, when you run on the power tank and strength of God. Isaiah 40:30 clearly states that “Even the youths shall faint and be weary, And the young men shall utterly fall,”. Youths who are seemingly supposed to have energy and what it takes to run the race of life, they faint and go weary. Young men with vigor they fall with a landslide. This calls for reasoning.
The scripture says in Isaiah 40:28, that God and God alone is the one Whose strength never wanes.
To run on such grace, Jesus in Luke24:49, tells His disciples, ‘move no further, wait on God(tarry), till you are endued with power from on high. Those who wait on the Lord are those who renew their strength. When they connect to God’s supply of power, no matter how far they run, they faint not nor do they go weary on the journey. The race of life does not cause them to falter; they don’t cave in or crash.
They go all the mile with vigor and great impact. Their words are never mere words, rather they  carry the ability to produce as it has been spoken, majorly because they speak not in their own power any more but they speak under the influence of God’s power. What a frequency to switch to. The journey is far,  hence it will require strength beyond human ability to go the whole length without being weary. The beauty of it all is we have the privilege of access if we would wait(depend) on Him for this power as only He can endue.
Prayer Action:
Give praise to God as you sing unto Him.
Pray in the language of the Spirit for 15minutes. 
Be vulnerable before God, acknowledge how so frail you are and cannot afford to run His race on your human strength.
Give credence to the super power of God. 
Ask now that the Lord, the Sovereign God, endues you with His power(ask intently).
Give thanks to God being assured you have received power as of God.
Commit your own desires to Him(chip in now personal matters).