Word Study for Today: The Book of Psalms Chapter 127.


Texts: 2 Samuel 9:1-13. | Psalm 801-19. | Ezekiel 39:21-29.

You don’t restore what exists, or what is still in its original state (good condition).  You only RESTORE that which has changed form/format, from original state or intent or that which is lost. To restore is to bring back into existence/use, it is to re-establish, it is to bring back to a former, original or normal condition.

>“The days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when I will bring my people Israel and Judah back from captivity and restore them to the land I gave to their ancestors to possess,” says the LORD.’”[Jer. 30:3 NIV]

Restoration is a ‘bring back’.

David the king woke up one morning and he reminisced on his past, he remembered how he got into all that led him to the throne. He recalled his “door opener” -Jonathan, he remembered the covenant they entered into and he flashed back into his present-day reality and it occurred to him, something wasn’t in place as it was originally planned/vowed. He therefore decided, ‘It’s Time to Restore.’ And unto Mephibosheth, David in a bid to fulfill his vow, restored all that belonged to Mephibosheth’s progenitors. >2 Samuel 9:6-7 (NIV)==>6)“When Mephibosheth son of Jonathan, the son of Saul, came to David, he bowed down to pay him honour. David said, ‘Mephibosheth!’ ‘At your service,’ he replied. 7)‘Don’t be afraid,’ David said to him, ‘for I will surely show you kindness for the sake of your father Jonathan. I will restore to you all the land that belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will always eat at my table.’”

God in this season is set to rouse Himself on your behalf and restore you. >“if you are pure and upright, even now he will rouse himself on your behalf and restore you to your prosperous state. Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.”[Job 8:6-7 NIV].

The Lord is bringing you back into His very original promise concerning you. What you thought was lost in His promises, it is time for it to be revisited and brought back. >Deuteronomy 30:3 (MSG)==>God, your God, will restore everything you lost; he’ll have compassion on you; he’ll come back and pick up the pieces from all the places where you were scattered.

The Lord says in His word >17)“… I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,” declares the LORD, “because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no-one cares.” ‘18)This is what the LORD says: ‘ “I will restore the fortunes of Jacob’s tents and have compassion on his dwellings; the city will be rebuilt on her ruins, and the palace will stand in its proper place.”[Jeremiah. 30:17-18 NIV].

God is restoring health, He is restoring fortunes, He is rebuilding cities. The compassion of the Lord is propelling a revisiting of the good old, hence bringing about restoration. The Psalmist said >20) “Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. 21)You will increase my honour and comfort me once more.” [Psalm 71:20-21 NIV].

Despite what had happened in the past, yet the Lord shall RESTORE.  >“Restore us, O God; make your face shine on us, that we may be saved.”[Psalm 80:3 NIV].

>“Restore our fortunes, LORD, like streams in the Negev.”[Psalm 126:4 NIV].

When we cry for rain in the time of the latter rain, we sure will have abundance of rain. Calling for restoration in the season the Lord is disposed to restoring will fetch nothing more than the positive response from Him. Little wonder He says > “I have seen their ways, but I will heal them; I will guide them and restore comfort to Israel’s mourners,”[Isaiah 57:18 NIV]. 

>“I will restore your leaders as in days of old, your rulers as at the beginning. Afterwards you will be called the City of Righteousness, the Faithful City.’”[Isaiah 1:26 NIV].

 >“They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.”[Isaiah 61:4 NIV].

 >“…For I will restore the fortunes of the land as they were before,” says the LORD.”[Jeremiah 33:11c NIV].

To those who sit in contradiction to God’s promise, weeping and tears characterize their lives. >“‘This is why I weep and my eyes overflow with tears. No-one is near to comfort me, no-one to restore my spirit…’”[Lamentations 1:16a NIV].

But unto those whom the Lord has shown compassion, joy is their cloak. >“…weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.”[Psalm 30:5 NIV].

 >“When the LORD restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dreamed.2) Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, ‘The LORD has done great things for them.’”[Psalm 126:1-2 NIV].

It is your dawn of joy, for it’s time for restoration. What have you lost? What is missing in the covenant package? Rejoice for >“the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast.”[1 Peter 5:10 NIV].

He is set to Restore you. >“After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will restore us, that we may live in his presence.”[Hosea 6:2 NIV].


Beloved > “Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you. ” [Zechariah 9:12 NIV]. An announcement goes forth IT’S TIME TO RESTORE!

Prayer Action:

-Sing gratefully with a loud voice unto the Lord.

-Pray in tongues for 15 minutes.

-Ask that the Lord will be roused in compassion and He will restore you on all fronts [bringing you back into His original promise as He did Mephibosheth].

– [After suffering, the Bible says God will restore], Ask the Lord of the 3rd day to restore you now [mention areas you know there’s shortfall].