Devotion: THE TRIO. 

Texts: Isaiah 11:2. | 1John 2:20-21 | Ephesians 1:15-19.

Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom are a trio, and it’s safe to also call them triplets. The three are entrenched in the Spirit, hence can only be Spirit received. 

To live meaningful lives, it’s highly essential that we need to know, for if we know not, then we are as good as fools. 

To be knowledgeable, competent, having adequate skills or requisite knowledge in a particular field, makes one a ‘Sought after’. 

Not knowing is what qualifies you to being a fool. 

Knowing on the other hand, without understanding what you claim you know, is foolishness. 

In life, setting out on a knowledge quest is a great idea (for it is good to know), but greater still, is having an understanding of the knowledge gained; for many there are, who are “Knowledge Connoisseurs”, but lack corresponding understanding.

An example that readily comes to mind on the subject of understanding is; a student, who having been imparted with knowledge, gets to the examination hall, reads up the question, but does not even understand what is being asked. Though she has the knowledge of the subject, yet will be unable to give appropriate answer to the question asked. Such student fails not for lack of knowledge per se; rather, for lack of ability to understand what was asked, hence could not correctly regurgitate knowledge imparted. Sincerely,  I think this is calamity. 

Wisdom is practical expediency, i.e correct application of knowledge. Thrusting the round peg in the round hole; tucking the square peg in the square hole, that is wisdom. 

I John.2:20 says, as a child of God, you have the opportunity to know all things. You can be different from the people all around you, just like Daniel. You don’t have to live in foolishness, groping in the dark as every other person does. Isaiah 11:2 says by His Spirit you can have Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom; having your eyes of understanding opened, being recipient of the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge. Halleluyah!

Prayer Action

•Sing the Praises of God. 

•Pray in the Spirit for 15 minutes. 

•Ask for the Spirit of Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom (Be Deliberate) 

•Pray that the eyes of your Understanding will be opened, and you will know as you ought to know per time. 

•Pray that God in His mercies, grants you wisdom, even as He did Solomon. 

•Thank God for bringing you out of darkness this day, and for shedding His light on you, causing you to know. 

•Pray for understanding and wisdom over issues in your life; ask God to step into your affairs (Bare your heart to Him over personal issues).