Word Study For Today: Proverbs 9
Texts: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; Matthew 22:2-14; Luke 12:13-46.
When it comes to the issue of purpose, we need to understand that we are not here at our own instance. We need to take our eyes off the things we focus on, and sit down with what God wants us to focus on.
Let’s ponder on Luke 12:35 (NIV): “Be dressed for service and keep your lamps burning”. Talking about a life of service; never allow your lamp to go off, as it was, in the case of five, out of the ten Virgins. Life is an INDIVIDUAL RACE! Focus on your own lane. That is why some people disengage from some others because they see that, that fellow isn’t going in the same direction they are going. Luke 12:31: “But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you”.
We need to come to the understanding that when we give attention to God’s details and the things of God, then everything we need will become ours. We need to find the Lifeline which is the Kingdom of God. Matt 22:5,6,14…
The ones who are chosen are those who have paid attention to the call of God on their lives. Your calling is where you’re supposed to be dressed up for service.
Pay attention to your life! What is your Purpose for living? You can discover your Purpose in service. You cannot fulfill purpose without service. You cannot conquer without stooping. When you begin to serve, heaven will reveal your own to you, because service is a continuous journey in life. As you serve, give room for ACCOUNTABILITY!
Sing praises unto Jehovah Who has a magnificent purpose for your life. 
Pray in the language of His Excellent Spirit for 15 mins. 
Ask for grace to give attention to God’s details and the things of God. 
Like the wise virgins, Lord help me remain dressed up, ready for service, with my lamp burning. 
Ask for grace to focus on your own purpose, on all the Lord wants you to focus on , 
so that you don’t loose in your life’s race.