Welcome to being deliberate with Mayokun Oreofe. 

I trust the lord, you are seeing the move of his hand in your affairs again today, we shall be praying; i urge you to connect your request as i pray, and. be assured the lord shall step in, giving you answers that will lead you to praising him in this month. 

in psalms 59:13b (nkjv) bible says…“and let them know that god rules in jacob to the ends of the earth.”

Father God, let it now be known that rule in the affairs of your people even to the very ends of the earth. there’s no place that your eyes are not. o lord move now, rule now…tongues…

Father, david said in ps. 37:25 (nkjv) “i have been young, and now am old; yet i have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging bread.”

lord forsake not your people, they shall not beg for bread, rule in their affairs, do not abandon them.tongues for a while.in Jesus Christ name we pray. 

Beloved the lord shall speedily give ears to these prayers. it shall end in awesome testimonies that will cause you to leap with praise in your mouth. For futher prayers, call or send whatsapp message to the no displayed on the screen, state clearly what you want prayers for.Please no lengthy story when you call. 

God bless you for watching, and sharing this video with your friends and family. encourage them to join in this prayer move. stay blessed.