The Bible refers to us as the light of the world. Isaiah 60v3 goes further to say: The Gentiles shall come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising. This affirms the fact that people will seek you out, but nobody seeks out a mediocre!.

When you handle things like a mediocre, nobody wants to associate with you. May your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify God in heaven.

Emulate the God in whose image you are made-


When you are not in a place, and they don’t notice you, then you’re not relevant. But caution needs to be applied here, which is not to surround yourself with Sycophants. It is not just about pouring- it doesn’t count when you’re pouring in the wrong place. Stop dissipating energy in the wrong place! It is in the place where God is waiting for you- the right place, that your labour will count.

Let’s look at JOSEPH, in the book of Gen 40v5-8.

Joseph found himself in the most unwanted and unbecoming environment- the prison, but regardless of this extreme situation, he was still blessing lives even in incarceration. Joseph gave interpretation to the dreams of the Butler and the Baker, and it was only a matter of time before he was sought after.

You must make Impact, your life must be shaping somebody else’s life positively. We shine together!

Your success is my success! We are positive influencers!

You have no excuse under heaven not to make Impact.

Another excellent point to note on this matter of Impact is this: If you want to immortalize yourself in people’s memory- SERVE!

Just drop your impact somewhere, and gentiles will come to your light. (Isa 60v3)

Do you want to rise? Do you want the DOUBLE PORTION OF PROSPERITY?- Humble yourself and serve, then ask God for the strategy, in order to have a BUY-IN into somebody in who’s life you can make an impact.

Live your life calculatedly!

Let us pray.

  • Lord, give me wisdom to rise.
  • Make me a solution to somebody’s problem.
  • Our children will not be mediocre, in them there will be solutions.