Today, we’ll be relating IMPACT to GOOD WORKS, and we are considering Positive Impact. It’s noteworthy to mention that nobody is immune to temptations, bad works, and the likes; but with the help of the Holy Spirit, He can move us in the right direction. We all have the control, the grace to do Good works. Grace is available to all, except you don’t want to be a partaker of it.

Also, from scriptures we can prove that Impact is something that can give glory to God. Your works can give God the glory. People love to see, and Impact is something that’s visible. People will go out of their way for you, because of the Impact you’ve made in their lives. When you commit your life to making Impact, you’ll discover that lines are falling for you in pleasant places.

Another beautiful point to note about this interesting topic is that IMPACT IS DUST. It gathers before it becomes an Impact. It is not a one day affair. Impact is a Bank account in which you’re just depositing till it gathers. It is what you get into, on a daily basis.

Lets consider Dorcas in the bible (also known as Tabitha).

Acts 9 vs 36-42 (CSB)

Scriptures described her as a woman who was full of good works and alms. Good works is ultimately always about what you have done!. There’s always a report going on about you. Some people scheme for things, while some others are there, but fame comes upon them.

What good works is speaking for you in heaven? What’s that strong reason that heaven can use to reverse the clock as it concerns you? What are the reports that are going up to heaven on your account? Don’t cling to people when they have BECOME, instead, be a ladder for someone else to rise.

Take a moment to ponder on the following:

  • “Can you identify greatness in someone, and help them unveil it?”
  • Will someone be believing against hope in the event of your departure from this side of eternity, that “NO, YOU CAN’T GO!”

 Impact is like Harmattan- you can’t deny its presence in the atmosphere.


Father, do not let my coming to this side of eternity be a waste of heaven’s resources. Let my impact be felt.