Welcome to APRIL 2017. It’s your month of making Positive Impact

To think that we are already in the 4th month and 2nd quarter of year 2017, it’s amazing. Dear friend, time sure flies. As time flies, so also is the clock ticking.
I just want to call your attention to something the lord has laid in my heart, and that’s impact! The word has stuck to me in a very unbelievable way. Impact as defined by dictionary simply means: influence; effect, impression.
In scriptures we have this woman called Ruth, she was a Moabites despite all the pang of pain she experienced, yet her life had made such impact that she herself dint know the weight of it.
Your impact will yield rewards. Stop scheming for things, stop scheming for wealth, the positive impact you make will culminate in the reward you most deserve and much more.
I encourage & challenge you that in this month as the clock is ticking and the time is flying, you keep making positive deposits, in people’s lives. Go and make impact, your reward shall be enviable.